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Submitted on
May 31, 2013
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Unspoken words utter in my brain
Shades of the noose arouses it
Sensation of suffocation invades it
Rhythm of a requiem caters to my emotions

I've got pictures fluttering in my mind
Day in, day out, day in, day out
Empty days, only filled with images of separation
From pain and relief, I am relieved.

Absence of mind, disappearance of heart
Shifting the outer to the inner vision
A room of abstract darkness
A hollow heart, pumping disgrace through its veins

Rush of adrenaline, as there's nothing for me here anymore
My departure is about to start, only to remember
What if I'm too blinded by fear,
To see I was not left all alone?

Them, they surrounded me with warmth
The hollowness is demising, but is still there
The radiance overflows my shattered heart
Pain mends, I'm on the straight way again

But shackles of fear enslaved my heart
A midst the warmth, the darkness closes on me
I march to light, only to be dragged back to abyss
I struggled, crawled, bent my knees to return to light

Yet, I fall again, alone in my dark room
Crawling thoughts, as the noose re-appears
My eyes meet the grey ceiling in pain
Murmuring prayers, as I don't want to fall anymore

Light and Shadeby DarkUrca

Literature / Poetry / Emotional / Free Verse©2013-2014 DarkUrca
I wrote this some days ago. I was reflecting a bit about my teenage life a bit, and since there were only bad memories, it motivated me to write. Made me feel a bit better about them.
Mez3rika Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist
It's full of amazing ideas yet dark, but still great! You also showed how hope is not truly dead; as it rises but goes down again. And finally, you described everything beautifully! I really liked it. :love:
DarkUrca Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
Thanks a lot :)
This was actually before I started trying writing traditional poetry. So not sure if it's THAT appealing. But I'm more relaxed on freeverse. I guess.
Mez3rika Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist
It's still good! :giggle:
You're welcome Nick! :hug:
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